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We're here to answer your questions ?

Where can Daisy be located at my venue?

Daisy ideally needs a level position to set up, on hard-standing, grass or indoors maybe in a barn, and easy access for maneuvering.

A mains 240v power socket nearby is good to power her up, and we have cable covers so don't worry about cables getting in the way. Other power options are possible if no mains, but please lets chat first to see what can be arranged.

How far will Daisy travel?

Daisy would love to visit everyone, but she is ageing and vintage, so if required further afield from our Yorkshire base then please enquire and we can try and accomodate. A 30 mile radius is included in the package prices with extra mileage charged at 50 pence a mile.

How long will Daisy be at our celebration?

Daisy will be open with her booth for the package time booked. We will arrive earlier though to set her up to look magnificent, which takes around an hour. We can choose a start time in advance and once set up, please feel free to use her as a lovely backdrop to enjoy and have a few pictures taken by your photographer maybe, have selfies done, or have some take by owner Richard, who is a full time professional photographer and includes a selection in the packages (if required)

Pack up starts at the end of the booked session time and takes around an hour again.

We are flexible so you can book your session time for whatever time. Our most popular seems to be 7pm-10pm for weddings!

Do we need to bring our own props?

Daisy has a vast array of props, plenty of vintage and all very fun! There are photo frames, hats of many types, too many props to list!

All our props are kept well sanitised as well as Daisy herself for your safety.

If you have any special requests then please let us know and we'd be happy to try and source them (extra charges possible)


Also personalised props and signage can be ordered (extra charges).

You are also welcome to bring any personal props along too.

How many people can have their photo taken at one time?

Due to Daisy's age and size we recommend a group size of no more than 5 really? You are then much more comfortable and have the space to pose away with Daisy's lovely interior showing in the background too. Everyone is encouraged though to make as many trips to the booth as they wish.

Do we get copies of the images taken?

Yes, each photo strip is printed out instantly inside the van. This is the great feature of Daisy - you are directed inside by your attendant, then you select your props, strike a pose, then three pictures are taken once started,  with time gaps in between to let you change your poses. And unlike quite a few caravan booths, we have full high quality printing straight away with the most popular option usually being a print with two strips on, which we can cut into two, with one for the group and the other to stick into the lovely guest book alongside your fab messages. Glue and pens provided, and help too of course! We now offer GIF's too!

Also we provide all the photo strips on a USB drive afterwards and also they are posted to Facebook (if required) the day after the event for you to keep, tag and share around.

Can we have Daisy come along earlier before the booking?

Daisy can come along early if required to set a lovely scene at your celebration. We do come along a little early to set up anyway, but if required for longer then just ask and we can proved an extra quote. Outside of her booked photo booth time though, she will be locked up to protect her belongings. Put some chairs and tables outside of her though - enjoy her, and take lots of pics yourself and selfies!

Do you have insurance?

Yes indeed! Daisy has full public liability insurance included.

Accidents can happen, but any damage caused to Daisy at an event by guests will be charged to the hirer to put her right.

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